Thursday, September 25, 2014

'Make in India' campaign launched

In Vigyan Bhavan conference complex  Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday launched his pet "Make in India" campaign to put India prominently on the global manufacturing map and, in turn, facilitate the inflow of new technology and capital, while creating millions of jobs.

The ambitious scheme unveiled along with a logo, a portal and brochures on 25 identified growth sectors.

Laying out the red carpet before investors, the prime minister said: "After what we have done and what I hear from you, I don't think I need to assure you any further on 'Make in India'." He hoped industry across the globe will take his invite seriously.

He said he was saddened in the past to see scores of Indians leaving the country to seek opportunities elsewhere. People have lost faith in Indian manufacturing and themselves. "We do not want any industrialist being forced to leave India," he said.

"A trust was broken -- that when a policy will be changed, when will the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) come. This is what I heard from all you. The biggest issue is trust. Why don't we trust each other? I want to change that."

Let us see how much 'make in india' campaign attracts global investor.

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