Tuesday, August 30, 2016

China downplays Indo-US logistics defence pact

BEIJING: China today downplayed the crucial Indo-US logistics defence pact as "normal cooperation" even as its state media warned that India's attempts to join US' alliance could "irritate" China, Pakistan or even Russia and bring "strategic troubles" for New Delhi.

"We have noted relevant report. Hope that this cooperation between India and US would work to promote stability and development of the region," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in reply to a question about the 'Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement' (LEMOA) signed between India and the US.

"For such normal cooperation between the two sides we are glad to see it happen," she said.

"This is undoubtedly a leap forward in US-India military cooperation. US media highly applauded this deal, with Forbes hailing it as a 'war pact' and believing that India is shifting away from Russia, its Cold War ally, toward a new alliance with the US," said the editorial by the Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party run People's Daily group of publications.

An article published in the Global Times said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had "lost patience and switched to the expected hardline tone of hostility".
Referring to Modi's comments on Balochistan for the first time, the article said he is raising it to divert attention from the tense situation prevailing in Kashmir.

"After reluctant attempts to revitalise Indo-Pak relations, Narendra Modi, now in his third year as Indian Prime Minister, has lost patience and switched the expected hardline tone of hostility," it said.

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