Friday, August 19, 2016

Liquor Prohibition finally hooching in Bihar

Four months after Bihar's Grand Alliance government enforced prohibition, 12 people were killed on consuming poisonous country-made liquor in Gopalganj district. However, the administration is yet to confirm the incident as hooch tragedy. 

The Bihar government has suspended 25 police officials including Inspector of Town Police Station of Gopalganj District following the hooch tragedy, in which 18 people so far have died due to consumption of spurious liquor in the district. The illegal liquor unit was running at Khajurwani village under the jurisdiction of Town Police Station.

The incident comes at a time when CM Nitish Kumar has escalated his prohibition campaign. Recently, RJD's Raghuvansh Prasad created a stir by making an open request to the state government to reconsider the provisions that provide for arrest of members of a family in case liquor is found or consumed in the premises one occupies. 

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