Sunday, October 2, 2016

Because you couldn't do it, had to enter your house, On surgical strikes, Adnan Sami to Pakistan.

Talking about his tweet, the singer said, "It was straight from my heart". His tweet "@AdnanSamiLive Big Congratulations to @PMOIndia & our brave Armed forces for a brilliant, successful & mature strategic strike against #terrorism ! #Salute" while earning him supporters in India had riled people in Pakistan.

"It is not important where the strike took place, but why it took place," Sami said about the strike. "This is a strike to eliminate terror camps, be it on any side of the border," the singer said, whose father was a 1965 war hero in Pakistan.

On being labelled a super villian in Pakistan, Sami said "he forgives them".

While not naming anyone, Sami made his displeasure clear on many Pakistani artists choosing to stay quiet on terrorism and terror attacks in India. "If your host has extended you a warm welcome, and suddenly a fire breaks out in house, do you just run away," Sami asked.

"I feel they should have condemned the attack," he said, adding that he had condemned the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.

Sami refused the help of a keyboard player, insisting on playing himself. Bestowed with the title of being the fastest keyboard player in the world, he enthralled the crowd with just two lines of Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye. Asked whether he enjoys singing or playing the piano or the keyboard most, he said he likes it best when the audience sings.

Meanwhile, the singer also announced the winner of the Cleanest Village at the session. Accepting the award of Cleanest Village from Adnan Sami on behalf of Mannanmangalam village, A Kowsigan, District Collector, said "The credit is due to a decentralised system.

Using the medium of strikes proactively, the village shut-down all enterprises and stepped out of their homes for a community cleaning initiative. "The gram panchayat, health and sanitation committees at the ward level and people's representatives got together to mobilise people."

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