Saturday, October 15, 2016

India has loss USD 968 mn in a year due to Internet shutdowns.

According to a latest study by research firm Brookings, India suffered a loss of almost a billion dollar over the past year due to temporary Internet shutdowns in the country, more than any other country during the same period.

In India there were 22 such shutdowns found, totalling to about 70 days, the study examines such shutdowns in 19 countries over the past year.

A study, by Darrell M. West, VP and Director of Governance Studies and Founding Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, there were total 81 disruptions in 19 countries between 1st July, 2015 and 30th June, 2016.

Across all countries these disruptions lasted 753 days in total, costing at least $2.4 billion in GDP globally.

The disruptions besides India, were 22 such incidents in Iraq, 8 in the non-ISIS controlled parts of Syria, 6 in Pakistan, 3 in Turkey, and 2 each in Bangladesh, Brazil, North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Vietnam, among other places.

The costs of Internet shutdowns, India was followed by Saudi Arabia-$465 million, Morocco-$320 million, Iraq-$ 209 million & Brazil -$116 million.

The study said that the shutdowns of mobile Internet services in Rohtak in India that lasted more than a week on 19th February, 2016, in response to street demonstrations in Rohtak and Jhajjar, alone cost $90 million.

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