Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Key point of PM Narendra Modi's Ramlila Speech in Lucknow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave a speech on Dussehra at the historic Ram Leela ground at Aishbagh in Lucknow. While welcoming the Prime Minister on the stage, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, “Prime Minster Narendra Modi proved to the world that India is no longer ‘weak’.”

It’s no more Kashmir or sundry Indo-Pak issues. India will engage Islamabad henceforth on the issue of terrorism and will expose Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism. By invoking Syria and the image of child victims of terror, Modi has made it clear terrorism is a monolith that doesn’t fit binaries of “good terror/bad terror” as Pakistan is prone to categorise. Shun terror, we will live as friendly neighbours. 

Keep fiddling with the terror tap, we will ostracise you in the international community
Don’t play politics with terrorism, don’t challenge the government’s stand in Indo-Pak matters. 
Terrorism is enemy of entire humanity, choose your side. By equating Ravana with terror, Modi has sought to put opponents such as Mayawati and Rahul Gandhi on the defensive.

The three loud Jai Shri Ram chants at the end of the speech replacing the usual Jai Hind would be enough to prep up the BJP/RSS cadre on the ground to go to the people with the core agenda of nationalism with a dash of Hindutva. Mythology mixed freely with politics. Ram as representative of humanity slaying the scourge of terrorism, Ravana as terror personified, Jatayu as the first line of defence…

You can’t be Ram, but be the Jatayu who put up the first resistance to Ravana (terror). Fits in with his larger message of being alert towards terror. Exhorted society to make Dussehra a daily war to fight evils within. See Ravana in every social evil. If you respect Sita, if you are so angry against the injustice done to her, respect womanhood. Cherish the girl child.

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