Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Make Salman Khan Surrender, Go Back To Jail: Rajasthan To Supreme Court

The rajasthan govt today told the Supreme Court that actor salman khan should be ordered to surrender immediatetly so that he can return to jail in the killing of chinkara in two separate incident while he was shooting a film in 1998 in rajasthan.

In july the high court didn't found guilty in the killing of chinkara case and had granted bail.The
 state govt. today challenged the case in the supreme court and want him to imprisioned to serve the rest of sentence. He had awarded a one year prison term and a five year prison term respectively in hunting down and killing of chinkara in 2007.

The court had granted him bail saying there was no evidence to prove that the animals who were found dead were shot by Mr. Khan.

Later his had driver said I had been threatened so that I could not tell the truth in the court.

Be it actor or leader or any other none of them have right to kill the aninals...

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