Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trump confident of winning the Presidential general elections.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump asserted that he will win the general elections even as the mainstream media and political pundits predicted very little chances of him making it to the White House.

Mr. Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton, 68, the Democratic presidential nominee, is leading him by more than seven points in most of the key battleground States but an unperturbed Mr. Trump, 70, said that he is on his “way to the White House.”

“We are going to win the November 8 elections. There is no chance for the others to win,” Mr. Trump said at the Cleveland rally in the presence of over 10,000 people. He was also accompanied by his vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

However, his speech was interrupted by a group of protester whom he alleged to have been paid by Ms. Clinton. He asked the protesters to leave who were escorted out of the arena.

“The entire purpose of her is to keep the system rigged,” he alleged.

“We are not going to have four more years of Obama. She has been there for 30 years and has not fixed anything,” he said and alleged that Clinton’s catastrophic failure has unleashed ISIS in the Middle East.

“They are now in 32 countries. Why did she let it start. When will she take responsibility for the all the death and destruction she caused all over the world?” he said.

“In 17 days, everything is going to change,” Mr. Trump said.

Ms. Clinton, he alleged, has taken billions of dollars from companies that ship jobs overseas.

“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidential candidate for the US. Her campaign even mocks Catholics and evangelic,” he said.

“She eagerly takes millions of dollars from countries that oppress women, gay and religious minorities. We would defend the religious liberties and rights of individuals,” the Republican presidential nominee said.

“It is a rigged system. It is a rigged election. There are 34 million voters in the US which are inaccurate. There are 1.8 million dead people that are registered to vote. There are 2.8 million people who are registered in more than one States. May be they are voting for Mr. Trump. I do not mind,” he said, adding 40 per cent of the non-citizens are registered to votes.

He complained media of being dishonest which has so far indulged in fabricating stories in order to make him “look as bad and dangerous as possible.”

“We will beat the system in Washington and make America Great Again. You watch!” Mr. Trump said.

He also reached out to the African-American community during his speech and promised them of a better future if elected to power.

“To the African-American community and Hispanic-American community, I say what do you have to lose. Vote for Donald Trump. I will fix it,” he said, adding “we are going to be a rich nation again. To be a rich nation, we also need to be a safe nation.”

Mr. Trump promised of having a strong policy against Islamic terrorism and stop illegal immigration pouring into the US.

“If I am elected as the president, I am going to keep radical Islamic terrorism the hell out of the country,” he said.

Amidst cheering from thousand of his supporters, his vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence said, “Trump literally embodies the spirit of America” and is going to “make its way to the White House.”

Alleging Mexico of making a fortune of the United States and Clinton’s support for open border with the country, he said, “We are having a massive trade deficit with Mexico. We are going to build the wall. Anyone who supports open border, should never be allowed to become the president of the United States.”

The presidential elections, he said, is a choice between two futures. “It is a choice for a stronger and prosperous America.”

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