Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Which Reliance Jio SIM should you buy orange or blue Jio 4G SIM

There are many customers who were left disappointed after the company failed to activate the SIM even after four weeks from registration date.

Now selecting the right Jio 4G SIM may definetly help if you want to use it. The SIM comes in two colours and both are differents.

Orange Jio 4G SIM
This SIM was given to Reliance Jio employees during the testing period before availability at Reliance Digital & Xpress Mini Stores and it comes with LYF phone and JioFi router.
It includes a mobile number and company SIM code, and takes just a few hours for activation.

Blue Jio 4G SIM
This SIM was made available to meet excessive demand for the Jio SIM. It does not include phone number, it is generated only after costomer provide necessary documents.
The most users of blue Jio 4G SIM have complaint of late activation.

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