Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to survive and safeguard yourself from the Delhi city’s toxic air

With Diwali celebrations in the past and festive frenzy slowly reaching an end, people in Delhi are every day, waking up to hazy mornings.

With the winters just around the corner, while some are trying to dismiss the sudden change in the atmosphere as fog, almost all of them know the truth — the consequences of the noise and air pollution that our reckless crackers-bursting during Diwali caused.

The amount of crackers that Delhi burst has made the air unbelievably toxic to breathe in reportedly, the PM (Particulate Matter) 10 levels have reportedly gone upto 999, exceeding the safe limit by 10 times. 

It is so alarming that we can actually see and smell the pollution around us. Which is why, it is absolutely important to take the necessary safeguards that will ensure we aren’t as affected by respiratory problems and other breathing troubles.

But there are some simple measures we can take to ensure we are safeguarded.

*Use a pollution mask every time you step out: To sit at home and relax is definitely not an option for many, but wearing pollution masks can minimise the risk of getting affected to a great extent.

*Grow and bring more plants to your house: Class V Science textbooks taught us how planting more trees help purify the air we breathe. Plants release oxygen, something which is absolutely essential for life to survive.

*Gift yourself and your family an air-purifier: With what are definitely alarming levels of toxic air, an air purifier is a recommended way to ensure you are safe. An average air purifier’s price ranges between Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000, depending on their quality, and are easily available on the various shopping websites.

*Avoid travelling on two-wheelers and use closed public transport and/or cars to travel.

*Don’t go out to exercise: Usually, we’d tell you to go out into the open and breathe lung fulls of air as you exercise, but these days, that’s the worst thing to do. Instead, stay home or go a gym that has an air purifier.

*If you practise yoga or meditation, preferably do it in places surrounded by trees and plants.

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