Friday, December 23, 2016

Rahul Gandi mocks PM Modi on demonetisation

From when PM Modi announced the demonetisation of currency, the Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi regularly criticizing in and out of parliament with his leader or sometimes with other parties leaders also and in his rally too.

Like regular speach in his rally, he again criticize PM Modi for the demonetisation, while he was speaking in a rally in Almora, Uttarakhand on Friday. His speach was mainly focus on PM Modi and his demonetisation, a fight for black money & corruption.

Rahul Gandhi said, on Friday that the decisiosn of demonetisation by PM Modi is not a fight against black money or corruption, it is only "economic dacoity", while attacking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking at a public rally in Uttarakhand's Almora District at the University Campus College Grounds, Rahul Gandhdi said that the PM Modi has put 99 percent people of the country in difficulties and has not targeted the 1 percent super rich, who is real black money holders.

The Congress party will offer full support, if Modiji takes any such steps against the black money and corruption, he said. But the demonetisation is not a fight against black money and corruption, it is an economic dacoity and a very big attack on the poor and farmer of the country. He asked the Prime Minister to disclose the name of that people who has deposited his black money in the Swiss banks.

He said Why not Modiji does not put, the list of black money holders given by Swiss government, in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, the people of the country wants to know the real black money holders.

The Rahul Gandhdi said PM Modi is snatching the hard earned money of poor people of the country and giving the money to the bank and write off bad loans. He said to waive Rs.8 crore loans to super rich, the PM Modi has decided to demonetisation of currency. He asked why didn't Modiji brink back Mallya and Lalit Modi.

He said the main truth of demonetisation is to help 50 super rich families from taking the money of 99 percent honest people of the country.

He also accused the modi that he is not listening to the farmers and for not waiving their loans, but waiving loans of super rich people. Mr. Gandi blammed the central government of being callous to the people's suffering from this demonetisation and claimed that the opposition was not even allowed to mourn the death of 100 people after note ban. He said the Modi Government, a suit-boot wali sarkar, is sucking the poor and helping the rich people.

He also used a Amitabh Bachchan song, "Ram Naam Japna, Garibon Ka Maal Apna" to target Modi and to outlined his demonetisation motive.

While addressing the rally in the Uttarakhand, he alleged Modiji didn't give Rs.60,000 crore for its development after the 2013 floods but he gave Rs.1,200 crore toffee to Vijay Mallya.

He said note ban is not a surgical strike on black money and corruption, it is only fire bombing on poor people, added that more people were killed in fire bombing during WW-II than in Hiroshima. He said the Prime Minister Modi has forced the people of the country to stand in ques.

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