Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Samajwadi Party and Congress in search of alliance for the next UP election

As the election in UP is about to reach to the door of the political parties, the efforts for pre-poll alliance to gain the maximum seat, the political parties are playing seat sharing game behind the scenes.

According to media reports the Samajwadi and the Congress Party are seems to have that both the partes are likely to contest the upcoming Uttar Pradeshs assembly elections as alliance partner, which is schedule to be held next year.

Both the parties have been in talk with each other behind the scenes for almost a fortnight and they have reached very close to concluding the seat-sharing arrangement.

As per the media reports a senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and SP leader Raj Babbhar have held multiple rounds of meetings with Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. Many people say if the alliance came in existence, it will have significant impact on the Uttar Pradesh election.

According the some media sources the top leaders of both the parties, in order to make the alliance, have had to overcome their misgivings and set aside differences. The Mulayam Singh always has viewed the Congress with suspicion, in spite of this he is reluctant to make alliance with Congress for the minority votes. The Mulayam Singh Yadav has been of the view that to attract minority votes of the state the alliance with the Congress party is necessary.

Currenty the SP have established itself as the main secular force in the state, pushing back the Congress over a few years. It seems to have the Congress top leadership too belives that he can alliance with Chief Minister Akhilesh, but not comfortable about dealing with Samajwadi Party Chief.

Both the parties have common differences with suspicion and mistrust. The former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi belived that he had forged an alliance with Samajwadi Party Chief, once they parleyed late into the night, the Mulayam Singh Yadav left Delhi by an early morning flight and said to announce the alliance in Lucknow. However the Congress Party act like the way Samajwadi Party did and went on to contest elections on his own after dissolved the UP Assemby.

If the alliance formed between both the party, the clear message will be to prevent the BJP from coming to power in the UP and also to preserve their own turf. The alliance will help Samajwadi Party in preventing its minority vote from being divided and for the Congress it will provide a lifeline in surviving in the state.

In the last Lok Sabha Election of 2014 the BJP has swept the state, winning 71 seats and 42 percent of the total vote share in the state. But both the parties the SP and Congress had gain 5 seats(SP) and 2 seats(Congress).

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