Sunday, December 25, 2016

Watch PM Modi's 27th edition of Mann Ki Baat

Addressing the nation on his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat' on 25th December, 2016, PM Modi sought to make strong connection between the note ban and the work done by Jesus to empower the poor.

The PM Modi said that Jesus not only served the poor but has also appreciated the poor for his services. PM Modi also appreciated the people for his continuous hardship because of demonetisation.

Once again the PM Modi talked about how he is dealing with black money and struggling to end corruption with the help of note ban.

He said that When the public faces difficulties, it means I also face difficulties. But to reach this noble goal our intentions are pure and strong.

The Prime Minister said the people are willing to face difficulties, post demonetisation due to shortage of new currency note, to end the black money and corruption in the country.

Starting from fighting for black money to digital India and a agent of change, below is the main highlights of 27th edition of PM Mann Ki Baat.

1. To Promote digital payments the PM Modi announced the strategy of government to start two schemes, 'Lucky Grahak Yojana' and 'Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana' for small traders from today for the buyers and traders.

2. To encourage more and more people to go for digital payments, PM announced a Lucky Draw Scheme, in this scheme for the next 100 days 15,000 people will get Rs.1000 as prize for those people who will use digital payments methods, There will also be a big draw every week and prize money will be in lakhs too.

3. The traders who will use digital payments system will get rebate on taxes.

4. The PM encourage people to contribute as much as possible so that India could equipped digitally. He talked about the fact that the cashless transaction have increased from 200 to 300 percent after demonetisation.

5. PM Modi said that the keeping the concern of the poor and the middle-class in mind, the scheme was formulated so that the approx 30 crore (ATM/Debit/Credit) in the country could be used for digital transactions.

6. The PM Modi said that he had received thousands of comments/suggestions on MyGov and Namo App on the demonetisation issue. Also said the people have written to him about their grievances on the demonetisation. He thanked and praised the people who have written to him appreciating the demonetisation and have mentioned the wrongdoings done by others people.

7. He said that after demonetisation about 80-90% of the suggestions came to him by the people regarding the black money and corruption. He said that the secret of raids on black money hoarders, that are being done across the country, is lies in the information given by the common people using phone calls and email that enables the goverment to take action against black money hoarders and corrupt people.

8. Be it any political party or any individual, the 'Law is equal for all', the PM Modi said. Keeping the convenience of the people as its foremost consideration the government has to changed the rule may times after the demonetisation.

9. The PM Modi once again given his message to the country that We will definetly win the fight against Black Money and Corruption and stated that the demonetisation is beginning of the fight...

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