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Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveils Digital Unlocked; Looking for a smartphone priced not higher than $30 for Indian Digital Age

As the contribution to India's GDP of the 51 million small and medium businesses(SMBs) has reached to 37%. Out of these only the 32% of SMBs are the online or are taking the benefits of digital power.

The google is trying to help in the online presence of their business. According the global chief executive officer Sundar Pichai, Google India wants to digitally empower the rest 68% Indian SMBs in the 2017.

According to a report by KPMG, a greater uptake for digital by Indian SMBs could help increase their contribution to India's GDP by 10 percentage, that could reach up to 46-48% by 2020.

The Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, who was on a short trip to India, reaffirmed the Google’s commitment to Indian SMBs at an event in New Delhi on Wednesday.

He made a series of announcements anchored around his proposed iniatives that would empower these emerging SMBs to go digital.

- Unveils Digital Unlocked for Indian small businesses
The Google global CEO Sundar Pichai launched Digital Unlocked, a training program for the owners of Indian small business(SMBs) that will empower them with the essential digital skills to help them get online presence and start using the internet to grow their business.

The programme has built across the different formats of online, offline and mobile.

The Google also launched a certification course for Indian SMBs in the collaboration with ISB and the offline training will be conducted in partnership with FICCI and 5,000 workshops will be held across 40 cities in India over the next three years.

The online training includes a set of 90 self-paced video tutorials, curated specifically for India and that will be available free of charge. The tutorials cover a comprehensive set of topics starting from building a web presence and then driving online growth to reaching customers over the mobile and video.

The training program is certified by Google, Indian School of Business and FICCI.

- Primer, a free mobile app
In addition to the Digital Unlocked, the Google also announced the launch of Primer, a free mobile app specially designed to teach the digital marketing skills in a quick, easy and the interactive way. The app is available for download through the Google Play Store and iOS app store, it will also work offline and currently it is available in English, Hindi and Tamil, the Telugu and Marathi versions of the app coming shortly.

- My Business Website, a tool to create free website
Sundar Pichai also announced of a free tool that will be launched later this year. the tool Called ‘My Business Website’, this tool will help SMBs create a free, simple, professional and mobile optimised website using their own data and photos on Google Maps that will be available in 9 Indian languages.

- Visited IIT Kharagpur Campus
The Google CEO Sundar Pichai also visited IIT Kharagpur, where he had graduated in 1993 and he faced questions answer from the current students at the campus.

The Tagore open air theatre at the IIT Kharagpur was housefull as 3500 IITians turned up to listen their alumnus, Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The Sundar Pichai also share their experiences to the student in the campus, how he would bunk classes like anyone else, when he was graduating and how he met his wife Anjali, his classmate, at IIT Kharagpur.

Ten years later after he left IIT Kharagpur, Pichai joined Google. Ten years after that, he became the CEO of Google. He also talk about the latest buzzword in the technology market and how Google is currently focusing its Research and Development on "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence".

Pichai also faced a series of questions by the IItians through his interaction like;
* What was your GPA at IIT?
* Who is your favourite Bollywood actress?
* Do you still get calls from your college friends?
* Who was your favourite professor at the IIT?
* How do I get a job at Google?
* How much power do you have as the Google CEO?
* Can you put the IIT Kharapur Logo as the Google logo for day?

Even one of student asked Pichai, "How can I replace you at Google" Having laughing Pichai answered, "Be careful what you wish for". But you can always meet me for a cup of tea and then we can discuss it.

- Looking for cheaper smartphone priced at $30
Aiming at reach out to the India's rural areas and the ability to use the internet in local languages, the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said we are looking for cheaper smartphone priced even more lower than $30.

Google is a big supporter of Digital India programme launched by Modi government and have already been working with RailTel to provide WiFi connectivity to the railway station in India.

The Google knows India would be a global player in the digital economy and have a prominent role within next few years. The start-ups in India are increasing day by day but to reach out to the rural people and to maximize the connectivity, there must be strategic plan to help India in reaching its goal in terms of digital economy.

As we can say that keeping this in mind it seems to have Google made a series of announcements in India.

The english is not a monthertongue of India, therefore very people are using english as their language. There are a number local languages available in India, if the Google aiming to reach out to maximum number of rural people, they have focus on local languages so that maximum number people could be connected to digital world.

There is a big gender gap in terms of Internet uses. Women in India's rural areas are not educated, they even did know how to use smartphone then how can they use Internet. The The Google will have to teach the women in rural areas not about only uses of Internet but also how to use smartphone to access the Internet for different purpose like-to get knowlege, for the business expanding, teaching purpose, online shopping and much more, if the Google really want to reach out to maximum people in India.

Many SMBs owner did not even know that how they can be benefited with online presense and how the digital India programme can help their business to grow and reach to its targets customer. Therefore the Google have launched the Digital Unlocked, a training programme for the SMBs owner, emplyee, professionals, students, housewife and any other person. Anyone who want to get trained for digital marketing can use it.

In the next few years the Internet and digital technology will be an engine of growith for the Indian economy. Now a days anyone can become an entrepreneur, a developer or a creator but the main important is that they must have the right tools, platform and skills in this digital world.

It is important for the government as well as technology giant to invest in the training programme and equipped the individuals and SMBs owner to accelerate their growth journey.

We finally appreciate the Google for making a series of announcement, which will specially designed to help to the people in India.

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