Monday, January 23, 2017

Samajwadi Party, Congress announced alliance for the UP election

Putting an end to all their differences over the seat sharing, the Congress and Samajwadi Party on Sunday announced their pre poll alliance for the Uttar Pradesh assembly election.

A joint press conference has been addressed by the UP Congress chief Raj Babbar and SP Naresh Uttam Patel for the announcement in this regards. The Samajwadi Party decided to allot 105 seats to the Congress after days of tussle and keeps rest of the sets for itself.

The Naresh Uttam said, we will contest the election under the Akhilesh Yadav leadership for the unity and integrity of India and following the secular ideology.

When the Akhilesh Yadav will becomes the CM again, the country's secular fabric will become more stronger. The main idea behind the alliance was to "uproot communal BJP" and to make a leading state by removing the both BJP and BSP from the state. The Samajwadi Party will field candidates on 298 seats while the Congress will contest on 105 seats.

The Raj Babbar said : If the alliance voted to power, the law and order situation in the Uttar Pradesh will be strengthen and will set an example also. We will work hard for upliftment of the poor and development of the state.

He also said the Congress has accepted SP's offer of 105 seats keeping in country's prevailing situation in the mind and the current atmosphere in the Uttar Pradesh. And finally the Congress leadership agreed to strike an alliancce to thwart BJP's disisive politics and at the same time to promote the secularism, communal and social harmony.

Both the parties belived in the social justice and development, peace and good atmosphere therefore we both have decided to alliance in the leadership of young leaders Akhileshs Yadav and Rahul Yadav. The BJP had created difficulties for the people with its demonetisation decision. Now the people have an opportunity to teach BJP a lession, the Raj Babbar said.

The Common Minimum Programme will be drafted a week, he also said.
Asked on the Congress slogan "27 saal, UP behaal" he said now UP will embark on the rapid path of development and there will be no any 'Badhali' in the state.

It seems the both the parties have reached on the conclusion of forming an alliance due to their own weakness. The Congress have to strenthen their position in the state and the Samajwadi Party is not confident of winning the election on its own and also the SP wants to promote Akhilesh Yadav, the SP cadre think if the Akhilesh Yadav become CM again, he will be the perfect candidate for the PM post in the future. 

The Congress have concluded that the party can't perform better in the state on its own therefore the party have decided to seat sharing with SP and make an alliance.

Now its depends on the people of the state to whom they select...

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