Tuesday, January 24, 2017

US President Donald Trump talks to Indian PM Modi

US President Donald Trump spoke to PM Modi on Tuesday night (india time), this was the fifth calls to the world leaders after Trump assumed office. Earlier he had conversation with its neighbours on Saturday to Canada and Mexico and on Sunday with the leaders of Israel and the Egypt.

The interaction between US president and PM modi is expected to take forward the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The President Trump emphasised that the United States considers India a true friend and also partner in addressing the challenges around the world.

Both the leaders seems to have discussed opportunies to strengthen the partnership between both the countries, security in the South and Central Asia resign and cooperation against terrorism.

President Trump and PM Modi resolved that the US and India stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorism in the world. The US President has invited PM Modi to visit the US later this year.

PM Modi tweeted : he had "warm conversation" with US President Trump. He had invited the US President Trump to visit India.

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