Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is the Supreme Court verdict end of Sasikala's political career?

O Panneerselvam is said to have known as the very strong loyalist of Jayalalithaa, because of that he had been appointed as the CM of Tamil Nadu after the condition of Jayalalithaa started deteriorating that resulted into the death. When the Jayalalithaa had been jailed in connection with DA case that time she had also left CM post on OPS because of her trust.
The Sasikala, who lived with Jayalalithaa in every time, had eyes on CM post after the Jayalalithaa.

After few days Sasikala declared herself as the general secretary of AIADMK and started interfering in the working of CM O Panneerselvam that resulted as revolt in the AIADMK and initiated a political crisis in the Tamilnadu.

The Sasikala claimed that she had support of party MLAs, whom she had taken to a resort for the temporary stay, and announced that she will be the CM of Tamilnadu.

The tussle between the OPS and Sasikala for the CM post would never ends, if the Supreme Court would not have announced its verdict on Tuesday against DA case.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday convicted Sasikala in connection with 21years old Disproprotionate Assets case in which she was the co-accused with the former Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa. The SC judgement, that impacted on TN political crisis, ends the Sasikala's CM dream. But what is actualy the DA case that has changed the way of Tamil Nadu politics?

What was the Disappropriate Assets case?
DA means disproprotionate assets and it refers to a case that have filed over two decades ago. According the case the Jayalalithaa as Tamilnadu CM amassed property that disproprotionated to her know sources of income.

While the Jayalalithaa had declared the source of income as Rs.1 per month. Even then her assets rose from Rs.2 crore in 1991 to Rs.66.65 crore in 1996.

What was the main charges in the chargesheet?
A chargesheet had been filed in 1997 under the Prevention of Corruption Act that mentioned Jayalalithaa, Sasikala, her nephew Sudhakaran and sister-in-law llavarasi. According to chargesheet they had opened shell companies under the bogus names operated by Sasikala and her families members.

There was allegation that a lot of money was routed into these shell companies and then laundered through various means. It also mentioned the wedding of Sudhakaran held in 1995 that have costed at large and also the properties purchase by Jayalalithaa that valued at crores of rupees.

After the Jayalalithaa became again the CM of Tamil Nadu in 2001, the DMK approached the Supreme Court in 2003 and asked the court that the case must be transferred to Karnataka for a fair trial. The court obliged and transferred the case to Bangalore in the same year.

But in 2011 the Jayalalithaa deposed before the special court and answered a series of questions asked by the court.

The special court in 2014 convicted Jayalalithaa and three others including Sasikala to imprisonment of four years and slapped 100 crore fine.

The Jayalalithaa denied bail by Karnataka High Court, then she moved to the Supreme Court, which granted bail but Jayalalithaa had to spend 21 days in the prison.

In 2015 the Karnataka High Court acquitted Jayalalithaa and the others, but the verdict had been challenged in the Supreme Court.

What is the verdict of Supreme Court?
On Tuesday, 14th February, 2017 the Supreme Court declared its verdict that convicted and sentenced Sasikala to four years in jail in the DA case.

According to the verdict the Sasikala is barred, under the Representation of the People Act, from holding the CM post and also disqualified to contest polls for the six years from the date of her release from the prison.

So what will happens now to Sasikala?
As per the vertict she has to surrender before the Court. She has the option of review petition in the SC to challenge the conviction. If the SC delivers a favourable verdict then there could probably a chance to get back into the Tamil Nadu politics.

In the corruption cases there is little chances of success in the review petitions.

What next will happen in Tamil Nadu politics? 
1. Is this verdict end of Sasikala's political career or will she remote control AIADMK from prison?
2. Both O Panneerselvam & Palanisamy have claimed support of majority of MLAs from AIADMK. But it is still not clear that who has the numbers. Can the OPS camp poach the MLAs of the other camp to form the government?
3. Will Palanisamy be the as loyal to Sasikalaa as the OPS was to Jayalalithaa?
4. The roles of Governor C Vidayasagar Rao will also come into focus. Will the Governor order a floor test immediately?

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