Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Read how PM Narendra Modi responded to opposition?

The speech of PM Modi in the parliament was a sharp response to the criticism by the opposition parties. Below are the major points.

There are no second thoughts about the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a fabulous orator. However, one thing you CANNOT ignore in his speech is his sense of humour. Most of his speeches are filled with jibes, topped with playful sarcasm. Every time the opposition took potshots at him, he gave it back to them in his own unique chuckle worthy style.

PM Modi on February 7 addressed the lower house of the parliament and the Prime Minister was at his humorous best. Here’s how he demolished the opposition parties through humour:

1. “Bhukamp aa hi gaya, koi to kaaran hoga, dharti maa rooth gayi hongi” (Earthquake has finally occurred. There must be some reason for it. Mother earth is probably upset). PM Modi started his speech by referring to the earthquake that hit Uttarakhand last night, which by the way was direct attack at a statement made by Rahul Gandhi sometime back. Rahul Gandhi had claimed to make some startling revelations that was supposed to bring earthquake in the Parliament.

2.“Jab koi SCAM mein bhi seva,namrata ka bhaav dekhta hai to dharti maa bhi dukhi ho jaati hai aur bhukamp aata hai” (When someone sees ‘SEVA’ or any positive virtue in the word ‘SCAM’, that’s when earthquake strikes) Rahul Gandhi had hit back at PM Modi’s SCAM remark saying that S stands for ‘service’, C for ‘courage’, A for ’ability’ and M for ‘modesty’.

3.“Inkey mooh se sunne ko nahi mila hai ki koi Bhagat Singh, Azad bhi they; inko lagta hai ki aazadi sirf ek pariwaar ne dilayi hai”.

4.-“Hum kutton wali parampara se pale bade nahin hain” ( We have not been brought up in the way dog’s have). Now this was a direct response to attack unleashed by Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge who said that the Prime Minister or BJP had not even sacrificed a dog for the country.

5.“Pehle din se sarkar keh rahi hai ki charcha ke liye taiyaar hain, aapne socha charcha hui to Modi fayda utha le jayega”.

6.-Justifying the government’s move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, PM Modi said, “Like Swachh Bharat, the decision on demonetisation is a movement to clean India”.

7.“Pehle hota tha – kitna gaya? Ab hota hai – Modiji kitna layein?” (Earlier, it was like how much money did we spend, now the course has change to how much did Modi bring back). He further said that Supreme Court quoted on 26 March 2014 that since 1947, no body thought of bringing back money from the foreign countries.

8.“Kya karan raha jo MNREGA jaise popular karyakram ke niyamo mei 1035 baar parivartan karna pada? Desh jaana chahta hai”.

9.“Apne seene par haath rakh kar puchhiye, surgical strike se 24 ghante pehle Raj Netaon ne kaise kaise byaan diye. Lekin desh ka mijaaz dekh kar unhe apni bhaasha badalni padhi”.

10.“Aap Modi ka virodh karein, karna chahiye aapka kaam hai; lekin achi chizon ko aagey badhana chahiye” (You want to oppose Modi, please do. You most definitely should. It’s your job.

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