Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trust vote or Vote for turned the assembly into war zone

The E Palaniswami on Saturday won the floor test in the absence of opposition party DMK legislature, they had been forced to evict the assembly by marshals, ordered by the speaker, following the demand of secret voting for the floor test.

The trust vote for the E Palaniswami is the first of many battles that the Chief Minister will have to fight. The former CM O Panneerselvam, who had lost the battle but not the war, would definetly go back to the people to fight that will be challenge for the E Palaniswami.

The DMK chief MK Stalin had complained to the Governor about the way the floor test had conducted and he sat on a hunger strike under the Mahatma Gandhi's statute at the Marina Beach latter he had detained and whicked away by the police.

Here are the highlight of Trust vote.
1. Palaniswami, who had sowrn in on the Thursday as the CM, won the trust vote with the 122 votes in his favour. The 11 member of his rival O Panneerselvam camp, who called himself the real AIADMK, voted against Palaniswami. The 88 members of DMK had been evicted and the 8 member of the Congress walked out from assembly in the floor test protest.

2. The trust vote, which was scheduled for 11 am, was held at 3.15 pm after the state assembly multiple adjournments due to the chaos situation created by the DMK legislatures who broke chairs and a table, yanked out the mics and surrounded that heckled the Speaker, P Dhanapal, who then eventually ordered the marshals to evict the DMK member from the assembly.

3. The DMK members had demanding for secret voting from the speaker, but the speaker did allow him for that. Then all the drama in the assembly started after that. The Panneerselvam too had demanding secret voting. The shirt of speaker had been torn by the opposition, when the marshals tried to escort the Speaker out, the DMK members had pulled back to his chair, even one of the DMK member had sat on the Speaker's chair in the protest.

4. Mr. Stalin who had emerged with his torn shirt from the assembly said that the marshals had caused me insuries while evicting him from the house and also alleged that the DMK legislators had been assulted by the marshsals.

5. In the several parts of the state, the people have been seen on the street to protests, including the former union minister TR Balu and all the protester have been arrested. The social media was full of angry comments from many people, including the prominent actors Kamal Haasan and Arvind Swami, on the way in which the floor test was conducted.

6. The E Palaniswami said, his government's winning the floor test in the assembly was a vow that had been taken by the party chief had been fulfilled. He then visited the MG Ramachandran and former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa memorials, where the party workers shouted slogans in the favour of Sasikala.

The Palaniswami also accused Mr Panneerselvam of trying to unseat to his government by joining hands with the opposition DMK and said that the true face of Panneerselvam has been exposed by the today's result.

Analysis by DirtyPolitics:
Although the way in which the floor test was held in the Tamil Nadu is not the new incident in the country and this is not the one which is seen by the people.

This type of floor test and the incident, which turned the assembly intot war zone on Saturday, had been seen many times in the other states of the country too.

It seems to have this type of floor test has become normal floor test for the country, it has become the habits of the leaders to throw Chappal, torn shirts, broke chairs and scuffle too in the assembly.

The incident, whatever happened not only in TN assembly but earlier also in other states, is the very shamefull for the country and that must be called as dirty politics.

In India it has become the habits of the leaders that has been seen not only in the assembly but also in the parliaments too. The people are also listen the word that is being use by the leaders in their speeches during the election campaign, the leaders must avoid such kind of languages. 

The leaders must avoid these kind of behaviour and the way of politics to protest and to do their politics in and out of the house.

Otherwise the Indian politics will never be clean...

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