Wednesday, February 15, 2017

UP Assembly Election 2017;PM Modi addressed rally at Kannauj

Addressing the rally in Kannauj, the PM Modi slammed the Samajwadi Party for its pre-poll alliance with the Congress and said that the alliance is like a movie in which the rivals befriend each other after the "interval".

Hailing the ISRO which have sent 104 satellites in the space, the PM Modi said, the Scientists have scored a century in the sky.

The SP chief Akhilesh Yadav does not know that how cunning the Congress people are and also reminded him about an "assassination attempt" that has been made on his father Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1984 allegedly by a Congress leader.

Attacking the opposition he said they were creating hue and cry over the demonetisation and had levelled all kinds of the allegations against him, saying "lies will not work as the people of the country are quite aware now".

In the Uttar Pradesh a film is being played on the political stage in which the opponents, who had attacked each other with the slogans such as the '27 saal UP behal' and also had taken out the yatras in the first half, have turned friends after the just like the interval and have also embraced each other, the PM Modi said.

Before the announcement, the SP and Congress were campaigning against each other, but have come together after the interval and have joined hand for the assembly elections.

Addressing the rally in the Kannauj which falls in the Lok Sabha constituency that is represented by the Akhilesh's wife Dimple Yadav, PM Modi said that the Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance will shatter your dreams.

The PM Modi also dig at the Dimple Yadav the Kannauj MP had promised to set up a factory for the potato chips in the last election and asked the crowds that did you get the factory yet?Won't you question the such leader?

While taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, the PM Modi said that the Congress have the one leader who even doesnot know whether the potatoes are produced in a factory or on the formland.

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