Friday, March 24, 2017

How Shiv Sena MP beaten up Air India staff with his slippers?

As we all have heard the clashes between the AI staff and the Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad, who used his slipper to beat AI staff 25 times on the sitting arrangements in the flight. The shocking incident took place on Thursday monring, when the Air India's Pune-Delhi flight AI 852 landed on IGI airtport.

The whole incident started from arguments that turned into ugly clashes between the MP and the AI staff. It turned more uglier when the Shiv Sena MP beaten up 60 year old Air India's staff with his slipper 25 times.

As per the media report the Shiv Sena MP from Osmanabad, Maharashtra had a business class ticket to travel from Pune to Delhi on Thursday. He came to know on Wednesday evening that the AI 852 is an economy class flight only. 

The AI officials had offered to cancellation to the personal secretary of the MP, due to the economy class flight, but the secretary insisted the AI officials that the MP had an urgent meeting to attend. After some discussion, the MP was allotted the seat in the first row.

The truble began soon after the MP boarded the flight. The MP Saheb started argument with the crew member over the seating arrangement and it turned uglier when the flight landed at the Indira Gandi International Airport, Delhi around 10 am on Thursday and the MP allegedly refused to deboard the flight and was held for about 40 minutes.

While arguments with the AI staff, he was asking for a complaint book, but they keft refusing, as per media report. The crew member tried to convice him to deboard the flight, but he told the crew to call the Civil Aviation Minister. When the crew failed to convince, then they reported to the Senior Assistant General Manager, who asked Sukumar to meet him.

The SuKumar also tried to convince the MP, who first aksed the MP to speak in Hindi, not English, and then the MP started abusing him, according to the reported by the media. The MP even asked the SuKumar to call the CMD of Air India to apologise.

The arguments turned ugly when the Gaikwad reminded him that I am MP and the SuKumar told him that he is an elected representative sir so you should behave accordingly. The SuKumar then reminded the MP that we only know PM Narendra Modi and we will tell him about this incident.

The MP got furious and hit him, started shouting at him, snatched his glasses and pushed him to the ground. The SuKumar, 60 year old, fell down and the MP started beating him with his slippers, who later told the media that I have beaten him 25 times with my slippers. Later the airport manager rushed in and the saved the SuKumar.

Here is the reaction after the incident :
The Shiv Sena has dissociate itself from the MP's action and the party has sought an explanation from their MP. The Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has condemned the incident and said that such type of physical assault will be encouraged.

The Minister of State (MoS) for Civil Aviation Jayant Singh also slammed the Gaikwad and stated that the appropriate action will be taken after the investigation.

After this incident the Air India cancel his returned ticket for Delhi-Pune flight on Friday and also barred him from flying. Soon after the ticket cacellation by the AI, the member of FIA also barred him from flying.

According to media, on Thursday, the AI has lodged two separate complaints with Delhi Police against the MP: one by R Sukumar, the 60-year-old employee of AI who was assaulted, and the second by a senior manager on behalf of the airline for delaying the aircraft’s onward journey by 40 minutes.

The Gaikwad too has said that he would file a defamation case against the Air India and its staff SuKumar for allegedly defaming him as reported by the media.

After the Air India and FIA barred him from flying the Gaikwad took train to return pune. 

Views by DirtyPolitics :
As we have hard so many news by watching TV and reading news paper print or digital about this incident, but we can't say who was at fault in this incident. But our views is that the Ravindra Gaikwad is a member of parliament therefore he should have shown little restraint and also avoid using their slipper to beaten up the 60 year old AI staff, if the politician behave like this then what will happen to country.

What type of message the political leader want to send to the country. The leader must think before doing like that.

As a people’s representative the MP should have shown some restraint. A public representative just cannot go and beat the people like that. As an MP, one have to show humility.

The party image has also been carried by their respective MP so when such type of incident occurs the faith of the people in the democracy is shaken itself.

We don't know why the MP got provoked?It is also the matter of concern, it should also be find out.

We all know the India is democratic country, every citizen has right to express their concern but in right manner and the right ways also.

Keeping a side who was at fault in this incident, the whole incident is not good for the democratic country. We hope the public representative or any other passenger will learn something from this incident...

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