Friday, March 10, 2017

Will BJP victory in Uttar Pradesh change the Bihar politics?

The differences between the alliance partner in the Bihar is started to come in front. The RJD leaders has started chorus for Tejashwi Yadav as Chief Minister. The Bihar CM poster would also missing in the event of road construction department, which is presided by Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav.

A day before the result of five states were declared, the Ram Kripal Yadav, BJP MP from Pataliputra, who was a loyalist of Lalu Prasad at one time, also said on Friday that it would be no surprise to him if the Nitish Kumar and the BJP came together in the future. He also said that Lalu Prasad and this party seemed to be in a hurry to make Tejashwi as chief minister.

In an interview to the media the Yadav said that the Nitish Kumar and the BJP had shared a great chemistry for the 17 years. There would be no surprised if both of us come together again as the politics is called a game of all kinds of the possibilities. Had anybody imagined Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad could come together? If that can happen, then anything can happen.

The poster of Chief Minister of Deputy CM were missing from the road construction department event at Hajipur that was presided by Deputy CM, who is the minister in charge of the department. And also in the CM Nitish Kumar's Nischay Yatra the Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav's poster were missing. The relationship of both the party is worsening, this difference will get CM Nitish Kumar closer to the BJP sooner or later.

In many of Tejashwi's function the Nitish Kumar's posters were missing. There is so much distrust in alliance, that indicates that the work out has started to the possible options for the Nitish Kumar.

There were always combined posters of Nitish Kumar and the Sushil Kumar Modi for the any government event when the Nitish Kumar had been with the NDA.

The missing poster of each other in the event shows that the RJD has served the message loud and clear to Nitish Kumar that he is not going to be the CM candidate for the 2020 polls.

As the BJP has win in the Uttar Pradesh, the politics of Nitish Kumar would be more clear.

The BJP is going to form the government in the Uttar Pradesh with full majority that has sent a strong message to the country that the Modi magic is still in the public mind.

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