Sunday, April 16, 2017

Delhi MCD elections 2017

The civic polls, which is scheduled to be held on 23rd April, is the first poll after the delimitation which has redrawn the civic wards. The Municipal corporation of Delhi has trifurcated into East, North and South. The NDMC and SDMC has 104 wards each while EDMC has 64 wards. The State Election Commission is running many awareness campaigns like in print media, electronic media and on television to encourage the people to vote in the election for the ward councillors.

There are more than 1 lakhs people who would vote for the first time in this elections, out of which the approx 24,825 people are those who have turned 18 recently and the rest are the aged 19 or the above as per the media reports. It seems to have the youth voters is going to play crucial role in the Delhi MCD elections.

The Bhartiya Janata Party, who is ruling the MCD for the last 10 years, have not given tickets to its current councillors and contesting the polls with the new faces. The BJP, who is recently win the Rajouri Garden assembly by-election, is looking farward to retain the MCD continuously for the third time, while the Congress, who is on the second position in the assembly by-polls, is hopping for their win the civic polls.

The most of the wards have around 15 candidates and for the first time, there will be None Of The Above(NOTA) option available in the MCD polls.

The morale of the AAP, who is confident that its Delhi assembly 2015 performance will be replicated in MCD polls, has been downwards after the humiliating defeat in the Rajouri Garden by-election. The Arvind Kerjriwal even said that the defeat should not be seen as a trailer of the civic polls.

The Shunglu Committee have already questioned the several appointments made by the Delhi government and pointed out the Gross misuse of power. This will be another setback for the Aam Aadmi Party that will definitely affects the performance in the civic polls.

A video, uploaded by Kumar Vishwas on twitter in which he is criticizing the AAP government and the CM Arvind Kejriwal without naming him, will also affect the AAP in the MCD elections.

To compaign against the BJP the Deputy CM Manish Sisodia has also released a 19-page booklet on Saturday that has detail report of the work done by MCD. The booklet called the MCD, the Most Corrupt Department. The booklet has been compiled after the research on the various topics related to MCD by the volunteers deployed by the Aam Aadmi Party. The booklet has the words '20 saal, MCD behal' on the its second page.

The MCD polls will be also a test for the performance of the Delhi government in the last two years. The blame game of the Arvind Kejriwal in which he always blame the central government or LG when the question arise about the development work in Delhi.

The video issued by Kejriwal in which he is seeking votes from Delhities for the MCD polls and recounted work done by AAP in the record time and using lesser money than its allocation budget. The people will trust on him or not the result will say everything.

While the Congress, who was in the second position in the Rajouri Garden assembly by-elections, have improved their voting percentage and because of that he is more positive than AAP for the MCD polls. The Congress is also using their senior leaders for the MCD election's compaign.

The former Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, at an event that has been organised by Congress at the Gazipur landfill site, said that we will close the landfill of Delhi if the Congress win the MCD polls. He termed the presence of such sites in national capital as a disgrace not only for the government but for the whole society also. The Congress is also using their senior leaders for the compaign of MCD polls that also shows how the Congress is seeking the support of Delhities.

It seems that the BJP had chosen the Manoj Tiwari for Delhi BJP president keeping the MCD polls in the minds. Manoj Tiwari easily get familar among the people, especially if the audience happens to be the migrants from the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is the positive for the BJP because a large number of voter in Delhi are migrant from Estern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Manoj Tiwari, who is an MP from the North-East Delhi, where the migrant from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are in large number, claimed that the BJP will definitely sweep the MCD polls on 23rd April.

The top senior leaders and union ministers have also compaign for the Delhi MCD polls. The Manoj Tiwari released the Sankalp Patra for the MCD polls on Sunday in which the party has promised that no any new municipal tax will be levied in Delhi and also work will be done as envisioned by the PM Modi.

One new party "Swaraj India Party" led by Yogendra Yadav is also contesting the MCD election. He released his party manifesto on Friday in which the main focus has been given on the issue of environmental degradation in the Delhi and have also mentioned that initiatives to generate funds for the MCD.

Blaming the all three party, BJP for the corruption in the civic bodies, Congress is the root of every problem and scam in Delhi and AAP has betrayed the people of Delhi in last two years,  Yogendra Yadav said that Swaraj India has emerged as a best alternative for the MCD.

Although all the party is seeking support from the Delhities using their own way for the MCD polls. But who will win in the MCD polls, the result will answer all the query...

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