Friday, April 21, 2017

End of MCD election campaign; Sunday 23 April the poll day

As the campaign for the civic polls ended on Friday 21 April, all the parties tried to attract the people from their own way. It seems the AAP and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal have moved one step forward from other party saying if you vote for the BJP that means you are voting for the dengue, chikungunya, mosquitoes.

He said that if the BJP win in the election and your child suffered from dengue, chikungunya then you will responsible for their children condition. The BJP had nothing even after ruling over the MCD for the last 10 years and if the BJP won again the Delhi will continue to be dirty and full of mosquito.

He was talking to the mediaperson while campaigning, said the BJP has been in the power for the last 10 years and has done nothing to clean up Delhi. In their two term they could not do anything to get rid of mosquitoes in Delhi, if you vote for them, then people should know that the Delhi will be continue to be dirty, full of dengue and chikungunya in the city.

The Kejriwal said the Congress has destroyed across the country then why just in Delhi. Voting for the Congress is pointless and wasting of vote, therefore don't vote for the Congress.

Otherhand the ending his compaign on Friday the Ajay Maket claimed that we will aprox 208 seats of 272 seats in the MCD election.

He also hits out at both of the parties the BJP and AAP said that instead of suggesting solution to the people's problem they are running negative compaign each other.

There are hoarding every in Delhi today in which they have highlighted the charges against each other but they should have focusing on their achievements. he alleged that Kejriwal have started this type of trends.

Many of the senior Congress party leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, Shashi Tharoor, Bhoopinder Singh Hooda, Osca Fernandes, Raj Babbar and Salman Khursheed have campaigned for the Congress party in the different parts of the capital.

Ajay Maken said that the Congress have come out with a road map, on the Delhi's problem like on sanitation, primary health and education that aimed to solve these problems once the Congress to voted to power. And he finally requested the people to vote for the party who will give positive governance.

The BJP, who is campaigning for the MCD polls with the focus on the image and the achievements of the PM Modi, concluded their campaign today with the hope that they will definitely return back third time to rule the MCD.

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari, who had indulged in bigger campaign for the MCD polls in the different parts of the city said that he have witnessed anger in the people of Delhi against the Kejriwal but there were enthusiasm among the people for the PM Modi's scheme that assured us for the BJP victory in the civic polls.

Manoj Tiwari finally concluded their campaign after offering a special prayer at the Kalkaji temple in the South Delhi.

All the party have ended their campaigned with the great enthusiasm and all are claiming for the victory in the polls but who will lead the MCD the result will say everything.

The MCD polls is scheduled to be held on Sunday the 23rd April, 2017.

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