Sunday, April 23, 2017

MCD Election 2017; Will the exit poll be true?

After the one month busy campaign by all the party for the MCD election in Delhi the polling have been finished on Sunday.
All the parties, mainly three party, Congress, BJP and AAP, have had tremendous efforts to attract the voters in their favour.

On Sunday 54% voting have been recorded for the civic polls for the 270 wards, the voting for the 2 wards has been postpond due the death of the candidate.

The total 1,32,10,206 voters have entitled to vote for the MCD election for the 270 wards that falls under the trhee corporations - NDMC (103), EDMC (63), SDMC (104) according to SEC.

There were total 13,022 polling stations and for the first time "None of the Above (NOTA)" option have made available to the voters in MCD election.

The nine complaints of glitches in the EVM had been received according the State Election Commission.

On the poll day almost the leaders of all party were seen applealing voter to vote for their respective parties after coming out of casting their vote.

The Kejriwal had urged the voters of Delhi to come out from their houses and vote for the dengue and chikungunya free Delhi and against EVM tampering.

The former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit had also expressed optimistics that the people of Delhi would vote this time for the Congress in the civic polls, because the BJP have been ruling MCD for the last 10 years and has done nothing for the capital.

Before the poll there were expectation that the contest will be triangular in civic polls. But the two exit poll, that have done one by ABP News and other India Today Axis, predicting the BJP's landslide victory in the civic polls. According to the exit poll there is no triangular contest as expected before the polling.

If the exit poll proved true, then this will the biggest setback for the AAP government in Delhi and as for as the BJP concern the BJP victory will proved that the people have faith in the PM Modi and it will proved that the people have voted against the AAP and Congress.

According to the ABP News exit polls the BJP is set to win 218, 24 AAP and 22 Congress. While the India Today Axis Exit Poll is predicting the BJP will win 202-220 seats, 23-35 seats AAP, Congress 19-31 seats.

It is very dangerous to believe in the exit polls, but if for a while we accept it, then it seems the BJP is going to once again rule the MCD.

Although the polling have finished and the counting is on the Wednesday. Lets see the exit poll will be true or false.

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