Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nitish Kumar and Sonia Gandhi meeting

A month after the Congress faced a big debacle in the recent assembly election, the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met Sonia Gandhi on Thursday 20th April at her residence in Delhi according to media reported.

What have discussed in the meeting is not clear but as the news spread in the media is that they have talked about the strategy for the Presidential election, EVMs, demonetisation. Although his party has described the meeting as a long-overdue courtesy visit.

The Sonia Gandhi had not campaigned in the assembly election and had been away from the public eye and she had not even campaigned in the her family seat of Amethi and Raebareli, where the Congress party had won only two out of 10 seats.

As news read on media website that the two main point that is expected to have discussed is to build consensus on the Presidential post. The Nitish Kumar has said many times that the Congress is principle opposition party therefore she should lead the opposition camp and to reach to the other parties to make concensus on the for the Presidential election. The Nitish Kumar have already talked to NCP, Left parties and have received positive response from the them.

It is true that all the opposition parties should make concensus for the Presidential election, if they failed to do so the BJP will definitely reach on concensus with the help of the all NDA parties.

The other issue, except EVMs & demonetisation, that would have discussed is the Mahagathbandhan on the national level to counter the BJP in the General Election 2019.

After the landslide victory by BJP in the Uttar Pradesh, the Nitish Kumar had said that a Bihar like Mahagathbandhan was the only solution to defeat the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh. He had counted voting percentage to the mediaperson in Patna saying, 'If you add the vote percentage of the SP, Congress and BSP, it is 10 percent more than the BJP polled'.

Earlier too the Nitish Kumar had talked many times for the grand alliance of the secular parties at the national level to stop the surge of the BJP and also had advised the Congress and Left parties to take the iniative for this.

This time also Mr. Kumar as expected have discussed for the grand alliance with Sonia Gandhi as the Congress is the bigger party, so this is the responsibility of the Congress to bring all the secular parties on the one platform to defeat the BJP in the General election 2019. So it is necessary that the opposition parties should set their own agenda instead of reacting all the time to the PM Modi.

Many of the political parties are talking about nationwide grand alliance after the BJP won the assembly election 2017 and specially landslide victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly.

Will the all secular parties come on one platform?

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