Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Red beacon banned; All Indians are VIP, said PM Modi

The red beacon will not be allowed from 1 May 2017, except some dignitaries of the nation. The decision in this regard has been announced by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting chaired by PM Modi as per the media report. This will end the 'VIP culture' in the country.

Prime Minister PM Modi responded to a tweet on this decision, the PM wrote:'Every Indian is special. Every indian is a VIP'.

The vehicles that is used in emergency, relief, rescue services, ambulances and fire services will be allowed to put blue beacons. The govt will bring the necessary amendment to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 to implement the ban, Mr. Jaitely said.

Before the central govt decision the Punjab govt and Uttar Pradesh govt had warned the misuse of the lal battis in the state.

Though it not clear that who will be allowed to use red beacon, hope it will clear after the implementation of the ban by 1st May 2017.

Large number of people are supporting to this decision on the social media and saying thanks to the PM Modi. But after all this is very good decision by the PM Modi and will definitely end the VIP culture in the country.

The red beacon is being misuse from long time specially in the state, the decision will definitely make the govt more people's friendly. May be some of the political parties are not happy with this decision but after the implementation they will also understand how the red beacon was being misused.

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