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Aam Aadmi Party : Destruction or Downfall

Thanks to the then UPA governement which had created atmosphere in the country against corruption that turned into movement led by Anna Hazare, Arvind Kerjriwal, Shanti Bhushan, Prasant Bhushan, Kiran Bedi, Kumar Vishwash and many more. The Kejriwal was thought to be a main planner behind the whole movement.

Actually the corruption had reached on highest level in the regime of UPA goverment, the India Against Corruption started movement in the support of Jan Lokpal led by Anna Hazare. Anna sat on hunger strike against corruption at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in April 2011.

When Anna Hazare announced to Fast Unto Death in August 2011 at Jantar Mantar but the Delhi Police detained him and kept him in Tihar jail, the police released him after the direction from the center and allow him to fast in Ramlila Maidan. The people from all over India had reached New Delhi to participate to support Anna Hazare. Soon after the Anna Hazare sat on hunger strike the movement expanded in all over the country.

The Anna Hazare had ended his fast after the UPA government held a debate on the Jan Lokpal bill in the parliament on 27th August 2011. Though the bill had not passed becasue of lack two-thirds majority in the Rajaya Sabha.

After the government failed to pass the Lokpal Bill, 2011, the team Anna split on the issue of formation of the political party. The Anna Hazare and some others did not want to enter the politics while the Arvind Kejriwal and some others had opinion to join the mainstream politics to fight aganist the corruption. And finally Arvind Kejriwal and others formed the new political party on 26th November 2012 in the name of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP).

The AAP participated in the December, 2013 Delhi assembly election and won 28 seats out of 70 assembly constituencies. Due to hung assembly no any party was ready to form the government. The AAP had got total 40% vote in the election. After few days the AAP announced to form the government with the outside support of Congress.

After 49 days the AAP government resigned in February, 2014 when it failed to pass the Lokpal in the Delhi assembly. The president rule was imposed in the Delhi for a year.

The Delhi again gone to poll in the February 2015 in which the AAP won 67 seats out of 70 assembly constituencies in Delhi. The party had got 54.3% vote in the election. The Arvind Kejriwal had taken oath as Delhi CM on 14th February, 2017 in the Ramlila Maidan where thousands of people were gathered.

Soon after taking oath the Arvind Kejriwal had said that "We want to end the VIP culture in Delhi". The newly elected CM Mr. Kejriwal had also sing 'Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichara, yehi paigam hamara'. He had also said that the Delhi will become first corruption-less state of India.

The Delhi CM had also said that I will not take red beacon cars, bungalows or security cover...God is my biggest security. But after one month the Delhi CM shifted to 6 Flagstaff Road residence in north Delhi's Civil Lines area.

While the AAP based itself on the principles of truth, swaraj and anti corruption it has also mentioned some of the major promises in the election menifesto. It is necessary for us to have a look at them to form an opinion on the Aam Aadmi Party's political ideology.

Following are the the promises of Aam Aadmi Party : 

— Janlokpal bill and the Swaraj bill :
The AAP has promised to it will bring Janlokpal bill so that the officials guilty of corruption and one who involved in the money making could be punish. And it will also introduce the Swaraj Bill to ensure the direct participation of common man in the policy making process and the bill would give powers to the masses directly.

— Electricity Bills will be half.
The party had also assured the people of Delhi to reduce the electricity bills by half as the AAP government will ask the CAG to do an audit of distribution company to help in the electricity bill reduction.

— Free Wifi and e-Governance :
The AAP had also promised that the government services likes forms, applications will be made online to enforce the transparency in the selection and appointments of the new work force. One of the AAP famous promises is of providing free Wi-Fi in Delhi and the installing of 10,000 CCTV camera's in the buses, bus stands and also in the crowded markets to prevent the crime against women and to guard their integrity.

— Portability of electricity distribution company and transformation of Delhi into a solar city : The AAP had also promised to provide customers the right to choose and reject electricity providers as per their budget constraints. That means the electricity transmission process will be made transparent and corruption free as the customers can directly deal with the electricity provider company. An awareness campaign will be spread to make the people realize the difference between the renewable and non-renewable sources of the energy.

— Free water and as a right to the people:
They had assured to provide upto the 20,000 liters of water to the every household on monthly basis. After crossing the limit the full amount will be charged to promote the conservation of water in Delhi.

— Building 500 new Schools :
The Aam Aadmi Party had also promised to build 500 new schools in Delhi in the next five years and the emphasis will be on the Secondary and Senior Secondary schools so that the children could get quality education to develop their personalities. 500 new schools means 1 school every 3-4 days, if you will do mathematical calculation.

— Yamuna will be pollution free :
We will start a drive to completely pollution free Yamuna and also a guidelines will be set up to impose the heavy fines and sanctions on the people who will dump waste in Yamuna and breach the rules. — Building 20 new Colleges : Apart from building 500 new schools they will also the project to build 20 new colleges that will be under Delhi administration with the villages partnership. The colleges will be completely different from Delhi University and IP University and the entrepreneurship will be taught in the new colleges.

— Regularization of Fees of private Schools :
The AAP government will also regulate the fee of private school and bring transparency, clarity in the admission process.

— Regularization of Unauthorized Colony :
The Aam Aadmi Party had also promised to regularized the unauthorized colony in Delhi so that the registration right with regard to property could be provided to the residents. And the water, sewer lines, electricity, schools and hospitals will be provided in a systematic and phased manner.

— Complete State hood for Delhi :
The Kejriwal had also promised to work towards the statehood for Delhi so that the central government provide responsibilities to govern Delhi and civic bodies like MCD, Delhi Police and DDA to directly to the Delhi government.

Instead fullfing the above promises the AAP government from starting indulged in the politics of confrontation with the LG and the PM Modi. Mr. Kejriwal should have focused on the promises which he had promised to the people of Delhi.

The some improvement is being seen in the education sector and in the water supply and but he has just given subsidies that is based on slab while the Kejriwal had promised to reduced the electricity rate percentage.

But the most of the time they wasted in the blaming politics and they started demanding for full statehood for Delhi and blaming that the central government don't let them work instead focusing on his promises which comes under the Delhi government administration.

The Delhi government had three major department of Delhi like Water, Road & Transport, Education, they should have focused on promises which comes under these department. Today the water problem in Delhi is as it as in the earlier government regime. The people can also see the condition of roads in delhi & the there is no CCTV camera installed in the DTC, some long route buses have CCTV Cameras installed.

How can a leader of one year old party think of becoming PM and expanding itself into national level, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal instead working for the people of Delhi, he directly contested from Varanasi in the 2014 general election the Modi ji.

After the sometimes when the AAP form the government in Delhi the internal differences increase like for the power within the party or within the government. Due to this Mr. Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan had quits the Aam Aadmi Party.

The AAP had been founded on basis of the principles of truth, swaraj and anti corruption, inspite of these many of his MLAs have been sent to jail in connection with the corruption cases while 21 MLA have disqualified in office of profit case.

The Aam Aadmi Party also contest election for the Goa and Punjab election leaving the Delhi on its own, Kejriwal was busy in campaigning in for the assembly election for the Punjab and Goa he even did not thought the what will happen in Delhi.

The he did care for Delhi that resulted into the defeat of Aam Aadmi Party in both of the state where the party was over assured to win the election. When they failed to win started blaming the EVEs machine tempering. They even did not thought that they have won Delhi assembly election 2015 with these EVMs that means if they win the EVEs are correct and if they lost the EVMs have tempered.

The Kejriwal had raised question of tempering when the BJP win in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand assembly elections. he had said the EVMs have been tempered in the way so that all votes go to BJP.

The assembly by election in the Rajouri Garden had also voted for the BJP, where the sitting MLA was from Aam Aadmi Party who had gone to contest election in Punjab assembly.

The Kejriwal had said that the we lost because of our MLA had left the seat to contest election from Punjab. After the defeat in Punjab and Goa and Rajouri Garden by election the next was MCD election...........

While campaigning for the MCD election the Arvind Kejriwal campainged against the BJP and Congress and there were hoarding in almost all over Delhi in which the Kejriwal had highlighted the charges and failure of the BJP or Congress.

But I think that the Kejriwal should have focusing on their achievements of Delhi government in two years in his campaigning or hoarding. He even had warn the people of Delhi while campaigning saying that "If you vote for the BJP and If dengue spread in Delhi then I will be not responsible for that".

That warning message to the Delhi's people resulted into the defeat of Aam Aadmi Party in the MCD election. When the APP lost in MCD then he again blamed that due to EVMs tempering the BJP won in the Delhi MCD election. He even till two days did accept his failure except blaming EVMs tempering. When Kejriwal called meeting of his MLA to find reason of failure in the MCD election, then the he accept saying that 'Yes, we made mistakes, will introspect, course correct'.

After the defeat in the MCD election his leader had different views some supported Kejriwal EVMs tempering issue but some directly blamed Kejriwal for the defeat in the civic polls.

One of the AAP leader Kumar Vishash, whom the party had not involved in the MCD election campaigned, directly blamed the Kejriwal on the different media platform, whom the party tried to calm him and held several meeting with Mr. Kumar and the party appointed him head of AAP Rajsthan Unit. Earlier the party had also thrown out Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan, who had accused Vishwas for plotting against Kejriwal.

And the other AAP leader Mishra, who had blamed the strategy of the party in the MCD election for the defeat in election, had been sacked by the party. The AAP said that his performance was not good as the party's expectation in the last two years. Earlier the Arvind Kejriwal himself praised the Kapil Mishra for their performance. Why the party need to sacked the Mishra.The Deputy CM Manish Sisodia had cited the reason of mismanagement in the water supply and billing.

The main reasons of ouster of the Kapil Mishra was that he had suggested the Kejriwal to focus on the governmance and let someone like Kumar Vishwas worked as the national convenor of the party, due in the wake of its loses in the MCD election. The persistent demand by Mishra for the action in the tanker scam can also be the biggest reason.

The sacked Mishra then had met Delhi Lieutenant Governor to complained about corruption in the AAP government. The Mishra had also accused Delhi CM Kejriwal of taking Rs.2 crore from the Saytendra Jain, Delhi Health Minister. But the party had rejected the allegation levelled by Kapil Mishra. The Mishra had complained to the Anti-Corruption Branch(ACB) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding their allegation against the Kejriwal.

The Kapil Mishra also accused the Satyendra Jain of facilitating a land deal of Rs.50 crore for a relative of the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

The Mishra have also raised about funding for the foreign trip of AAP's leader. He had also alleged why they had posted detailed of foreign trip on the social media.

He had also accused the Kejriwal and his aides for the delaying the investigation in 400 crore water tanker scam and how the Delhi CM have made attempts to save the then Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit. The basic information have submitted to ACB by Mishra.

The Aam Aadmi Party have rejected all the allegation made by Kapil Mishra and the Kejriwal have yet not spoken any word regarding the charges levelled by Mishra against him.

When the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal called a special session of Delhi legislative assembly, people were thinking that may be there will be some pending work to complete therefore he called a special session but the one day special session ended with hue and cry on the EVMs tempering and its hacking demo shown by one of AAP MLA.

The AAP government should know that assembly runs on money that also includes collected from the people in the form of tax. The Arvind Kejriwal should use this special session to discuss about the people's problems not for the EVMs demo.

The opposition parties BJP and Congress is asking for the resignation from the Delhi CM Kejriwal, they have also met Delhi LG against the corruption charges against the Delhi Chief Minister.

While the charges levelled by Mishra against AAP Government and Kejriwal can only be justified by investigating agencies on the basis of document provided by Kapil Mishra, the people are waiting for the truth.

The I-T department has yesterday sent a notice to the Aam Aadmi Party on the issue of donation and it has also sent report to the Election Commission of India regarding this issue. This is seen as the another trouble for the Aam Aadmi Party.

The Election Commission has called a all party meeting today, instead showing EVMs demo in the assembly the AAP should keep all its views, complaint and demo in this meeting.

The Anna Hazare, who was the front face of Lokpal movement, had expressed deep concern and asked the agencies to investigate.

Although the Aam Aadmi Party had been formed to remove the dirty politics and had been said that the AAP will based on the principles of truth, swaraj and anti-corruption, if the allegation made by Kapil Mishra would proved to be correct then what will happen to the Aam Aadmi Party...

After the big debacle in the assembly and MCD election, will Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal now focus on the promises made by him so that it bring positive changes in the lives of the people.

Will the AAP survive its self?.....or what will happen next?.....

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