Monday, May 1, 2017

Mann Ki Baat; Every Person is Important : PM Modi

The PM Modi, on his 31st Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, spoke on number of topics which ranged from VIP culture, digital transaction, launch of South Asia Satellite and other issues and also urged youngsters to think out of the box.

All the 125 crore people of the country have equal value and importance. Increasing the importance of EPI culture instead of VIP is the concept of New India of his government, said PM Modi.

PM Modi starts his speech by greeting citizens and reaches out to the youth and senior citizens for their valuable suggestions. He also congratulated those who have contributed to the society. Wishing the both Gujarat and Maharashtra on their respective statehood days the PM Modi said that they have contributed greatly to the development of India.

The PM Modi also spoked about the problem of climate change and increasing duration of summer. He also advised to save the birds and animals from this heat by adopting human approach. Think out of the box, the PM Modi said to the young people.

He urged the students to learn new language or learning to swinm or drawing to spend their summer vacations and the people can explore and have new experiences also.

He said that everybody must offer water to the people who visit our homes like, postmen, milkmen, vegetable sellers, specially during the summers.

The Prime Minister Modi said that have you ever thought of travelling in 2nd Class railway compartment without reservation or unreserved rail coaches and going for at least 24 hours ride? if you will travel then I am sure you will definitely have new experience. If you play with poor kids, all of you will experience a new kind of joy, which you would have never experienced in your life before.

To encourage the people to use digital payments, PM Modi asked the youth if you encourage the other people to use the government's BHIM app for transactions, you will entails for the cash rewards. The scheme is valid till 14th October, 2017, the youngers can benefits from this scheme, the Modi said.

If he or she introduces BHIM to another person and that person do three digital transactions then the person who introduced can earn Rs.10 every time. It means if you make 20 people to do it a day, you can earn Rs.200 that day. It will contribute to the efforts towards 'Digital India', the PM Modi said.

The PM Modi said that the red beacon had become a symbol of VIP culture which had creeped the mindset of those who were using it. Although the red beacon have gone now but no body can claim that because of ban, the VIP culture from the people's mindset would have also gone, the PM Modi said.

He said that the ban of red beacon was an administrative decision but we have to make efforts to remove the VIP culture from the mindset also. If we all make efforts jointly, this also can go.

The importance of EPI culture instead of VIP is the concept of New India of his government. When I say EPI instead of VIP that means Every Person is Important. If we recognise the importance of the 125 crore citizens of the country, the country will have big strength in fulfilling the grand dreams.

The PM Modi said that the government is releasing a stamp on 1st May in the memory of Saint Ramanujacharya. We are celebrating 1000th birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, the people should gain inspiration from him.

He said when the people mark the Labour Day on 1st May, that means we remember Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and his role for the welfare of the workers. We are grateful to the Balasaheb.

The PM Modi also reminded the great saint of 12th century and a social reformer of Karnataka Jagat Guru Basaveshwar for his profound thoughts on labour and workers.

As part of the 'Sabka sath, sabka vikas' concept the India will launch the South Asia Satellite on 5th May, which will be India's priceless gift to its its neighbours. The seven out of 8 SAARC countries are a part of the this project, the Pakistan refused to join as it did not want the gift from India.

The participating nations are India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Afganistan. The concept of 'Sabka sath sabka vikas' is not confined to India only but it is relevant globally too and especially in the neighbourhood context. There should be cooperation and development of our neighbours too, the PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister Modi said that today the world is undergoing a pleathora of problems such as violence, war, annihilatin, the arms race. Amidst all this atmosphere, the philosophy of Buddha comes across as extremely relevant.

On the occasion of UN Vesak Day, that celebrates the birth of Gautam Buddha, he will be paying tributes to the Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka, said PM Modi.

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