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Rise and fall of Lalu Prasad Yadav

The Lalu Yadav, who are again in the news, due to the BJP had accused the Lalu and his family acquiring benami property. The income tax department had also carried out raids in Delhi-NCR in connection with the benami property worth Rs.1000 crore.

The Lalu Yadav have accused the BJP of misusing central agencies he would continue to fight against the fascist forces. He had also accused the media of targeting him in a series of tweets. In one of his tweets he had congratulated BJP for a new alliance partner. For sometime this tweet had given speculations that the RJD-JDU alliance is heading for split in Bihar, but in his next tweet he clarify that he is talking about government agencies.

But there was one time when the Lalu Yadav had lived life in poverty. In those days he had even pulled rickshaw due to his poverty.

The Lalu Yadav had born in 1948 in the Phulwaria village of Gopalganj districts of Bihar and he had started his education from the school of Mandipur village. He was unable to pay school fees in those days. Hence every Saturday on the rope-pagha and jag-rice as fees were given to the teacher.

When he became little bigger he came to Patna with his eldest brother, who had came Patna for wages. And then he had taken admission in Middle School of Shekhpura Mod in the fifth class.

The Lalu's family had been living in the single room of Veterinary College in which there was no any toilets due to this there was compulsion to go to the farm for defecation.

The family had not even the money for buying the kerosene oil for the latern, so there was a dark spell in the room.

The Lalu Yadav was studying in the veranda of the college. He was getting money from poor boys fund of the school. The study continued therefore he had used to pull rikshaw and had also worked on the tea shop.

After schooling he done B.A in History and Master degree in Political Science from B.N Collge. In his childhood he had dream of become Doctor but he left the dream due to the fear of dead frog's operation and on the friends suggestion he had done LLB.

The Lalu Yadav contest election of B.N College student union and became General Secretary.

In those days the JP movements had started by the students in Bihar in 1974, that was being led by the veteran Gandhian socialist Jayaprakash Narayan, popularly known as JP, against the misrule and the corruption in the Bihar government, so the Lalu Yadav decided to participate in the movements.

The Lalu Yadav married Rabri Devi on 1st June 1973.

Latter the movements had became violent and the students had came to the streets. The then PM Indira Gandhi had feared that the things were getting out of her control, therefore she declared emergency on June 25, 1975 which continued till 21 March, 1977.

Lalu Yadav had became underground due fear of army and latter he had been arrested and put in jail.

Due to the JP movements the Lalu established himself as belligerent leader. After the movement the Janta Party had came in the existence. In the 1977 general election he conteste election and became member of parliament from Chhapra contituency on the ticket of Janta Party. Latter he contested legsilative assembly election and became MLA and he served two consecutive terms as MLA from 1980 to 1989.

In October 1988 on the birth anniversary of Jayaprakash Narayan the Janta Party factions, the Lok Dal, Congress(s) and the Jan Morcha decided to merge and the Janata Dal came into existence under the leadership of V.P. Singh.

The Lalu Yadav contested the assembly election in Bihar in 1990 and formed the Janta Dal goverenment in state in which the Lalu Yadav became Chief Minister of Bihar.

When the Lalu Yadav started his second term as Bihar Chief Minister in 1996, the fodder scam worth 950 crore first came into light in January 1996.

The leaders like BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, Ravishankar Prasad and Saryu Rai, Shivanand Tiwari and Congress leader Prem Chandra Mishra registered PILs into the Patna High Courts. And the on the basis of this PIL the Patna High Court asked the CBI to probe the multi-million animal husbandry department scam in March 1996.

As it became evident that the Lalu Yadav would be engulfed in the scam and also its prosecution, the demands for his removal from the Chief Minister post had gained momentum both from the opposition parties as well as within the Lalu Yadav's own party, the Janata Dal. Lalu Yadav finally parted ways with the Janata Dal and formed his own party in 5th July 1997, the Rashtriya Janata Dal ( or RJD) and taken all the Janata Dal MLAs with him and few days latter the Lalu Yadav won the confidence motion in the state assembly.

But even the demands for his removal from CM post continued to mount, therefore on 25th July, 1997 Lalu Yadav resigned from Chief Minister post, but on the same day he named his wife, Rabri Devi as the new chief minister of the state. The Rabri Devi won another vote of confidence in the assembly on 28th July, 1997.

The fodder scam involved the withdrawals of an estimated Rs.950 crore from four treasuries, Patna, Dumka, Chaibasa and Deoghar of then unified Bihar, now the last three of the above treasuries are in Jharkhand, mostly between 1992 and 1995.

Since the the scam was from the 1992 when it was Congress government in Bihar, therefore the former CM Jagannath Mishra also framed in the scam.

The charges were that the animal husbandry department officials had allegedly withdraw money against fake bills of fodder, medicine and artificial equipment.

— January 1996 : The news of scam broke in the media, the money worth almost Rs.950 crore had been withdraw from the state exchequer on the name of supplying fodder to the cattle in the districts like Chaibasa and the money was issued to non-existent companies.

— March, 1996 : The Patna High Court asked the CBI to look into the alleged irregularities. The Supreme Court also upholds the directive of Patna High Court.

— June, 1997 : The then Bihar Governor AR Kidwai grants permission to prosecute the Chief Minister Lalu Yadav and others in the fodder scam and after that the CBI conducts raids at Yadav's house. The Chief Minister Lalu Yadav steps down and named his wife Rabri Devi, a new chief minister of the state.

— July, 1997 : The Supreme Court denied bail to Lalu Yadav and then he surrenders before the CBI court.

— December, 1997 : Lalu Yadav released on bail after spending his 135 days in the judicial custody.

— August, 1998 : A disproportionate assets case registered against the both Yadav and Rabri Devi and Rabri Devi had been named as co-accused in the case.

— April, 2000 : The Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi both charged in the case. They surrendered, but only Rabri Devi gets bail and Lalu Yadav sent to jail, but later he gets provisional bail.

— June 2000 : The Court framed charges against Lalu Yadav.

— October, 2001 : The Supreme Court transfered the case to Jharkhand, as the new state had been created, the Lalu Yadav surrendered in the Ranchi.

— December, 2006 : Yadav and Rabri Devi are let off in the disproportionate assets case by the special CBI court.

— December, 2012 : The CBI court framed charges against Lalu Yadav for withdrawal of money from the Dumka treasury between the December 1995 & January 1996.

— September, 2013 : The CBI court convicted him in the fodder scam in Ranchi. The conviction disqualified him from Parliament and to from contesting election for at leaset six years. Others accused that included former Bihar Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra, politicians & four IAS officers were also convicted for withdrawals from the Chaibasa treasury. The Lalu Yadav gets a five year jail term and a file of Rs.25 lakh in the case.

— November 2013: The CBI informed the Jharkhand High Court that there are no any evidence against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and JD-U leader Shivanand Tiwari in the fodder scam.

— November, 2013: The Lalu Yadav moved Supreme Court for bail.

— December, 2013: In a relief to the Lalu Yadav the Supreme Court granted bail.
Lalu released after he completed the bail formalities in a Special CBI court as directed by the Supreme Court. The hundreds of RJD supporters greeted the Lalu Yadav on his release.

— November, 2014 : The Jharkhand High Court dropped the conspiracy charges against the Yadav in another case, that was related to the fodder scam, saying that a person cannot be tried twice for the same offence.

— May, 2017 : The Supreme Courts ordered trial for criminal conspiracy charges against Lalu Yadav in multi-million animal husbandry department scam.

Nexus between criminal and Lalu Yadav
Although the nexus between the criminal and the politicians in the country is not new but as for as the Lalu Yadav is concern, his nexus with don-turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin is also not new. As every body know that Shahabuddin is a criminals turn politicians, who is now in the Tihar jail in connection with the murder charges.

But Shahabuddin was a criminal in the Siwan district in the his early life and he had became very famous in Siwan, he turned into political leader, when he won legislative assembly election on a ticket given by Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad in 1990.

The Lalu Yadav tenure of Bihar government had also labelled with the Jangal Raj because of such kind of criminal turn politicians.

The nexus between Lalu Yadav and Shahabuddin once again highlighted when a private TV Channels aired conversation of Yadav and criminal-don-turn politician, who is currently in Tihar jail.

An english news channel, Republic TV have recently aired an audio clip of RJD chief Lalu Yadav and Shahabuddin's alleged conversation, in which the don-turned-politician was heard saying that "your SP(Suprintendent of Police) is of no use". And the Lalu Yadav was also heard how he was taking instructions from Shahabuddin.

While the allegation are true or not, we can't say anything on this it must be verified if it is true the government must act not only on this nexus but all the nexus which came into light earlier also.

The opposition parties taken it as advantage for his party from this news and therefore they did not leave any chance to react on this allegation.

I think the people have listen/watch TV that how the BJP was taking advantage as many of his leaders were seen saying that it is a worst form of criminal-political nexus in the country.

A senior BJP leaders Sushil Modi was also targeting targeting Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, asking will Nitish ji act aganist his ally.

The former Bihar CM Manjhi was seen saying that the centre must intervene in the mattter and also he was demanding the resignation of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

Not only Lalu Yadav but all the political leaders should avoid such type of nexus not for the benefits of the country but also for himself.

More trouble came for Lalu Yadav when the BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi levelled fresh allegation on the Lalu and his family of acquiring benami property when he was a railway minister.

While RJD is partner in the Bihar government, the Sushil Kumar Modi asked CM Nitish Kumar why he is not acting against his Mahagathbandhan partner Lalu Yadav. After a repeated question by Sushil Kumar Modi CM Nitish Kumar said that It is the matter of Companies law which come under central government, if there is documentary proof or solid evidence against the Lalu Yadav and his family then the central government can take legal action.

The BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi in yet another allegation alleged that the land and the upcoming mall, worth Rs750 crore, is also the part of benami property acquired by Lalu and his family.

Latter the centre halted the construction of the upcoming mall, in his letter to the Bihar government the centre on 15th May, 2017 had mentioned that the mall is violating the environmental laws.

The Sushil Kumar Modi had complained the centre that the clearance has been taken therefore the construction of the mall must be stopped.

As per environmental rules and guidelines, the prior clearance is necessary for building projects with the built up area equal to or more than 20,000 sq mt, but they have started construction work on the mall without getting clearance.

Here one thing everyone should know that Lalu's elder son Tej Pratap is the Forest and Environment Minister and Tejaswi is the deputy chief minister in the Bihar government.

After rucks in the media for a month, the IT department carried out raids at 22 locations in Delhi-NCR on the companies and the people associated with the Lalu Yadav in the benami land deal that said to be Rs.1,000 crore.

The income tax department raided on the premises of some of the prominent businessmen and real estate agents in Delhi, Gurgaon, Rewari.

The ED on 22nd May had arrested Misa Bharti's CA Rajesh Kumar Agrawal, who is alleged to have helped in the land deal transactions. The IT department had also summoned Lalu's daughter Misa Bharti and his husband for questioning in the benami property.

The BJP leaders are attacking Lalu Yadav regularly, the Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was alleging that these transactions were made while the Lalu Yadav was a railway minister, and he also dared Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to take action against him.

Although the many of BJP leaders are attacking Lalu Yadav, but one of its leaders Shatrudhan Singh came in support of Lalu Yadav and latter engaged in a twitter war with Sushil Kumar Modi for his statement that said to be tweeted in the support of Lalu Yadav and his family.

Earlier the Lalu's regime of Bihar government had also been levelled with the "Jungle Raj" by the opposition parties as well as the Patna High Courts.

Some analyst have been seen saying that, after the Supreme Court order to revive trial against the Lalu Yadav, there is seriousness in the RJD camp, therefore the Lalu Yadav is planning for a rally on 27th August for which he is seeking support from the various opposition parties and it is also being said that if this rally will succeed then it would be the first step towards forging a grand alliance of non-BJP parties for the 2019 general election.

But the some of the legal experts being seen saying that the its is difficult to predict that whether Lalu Yadav would continue to be on bail till then. The Supreme Court recently order to start the criminal conspiracy charges against him in fodder scam.

In one of the case that is related to the withdrawal of money from the Deogarh treasury, the cross examination of witnesses in this case has completed as per the media report, and the special court may pronounce judgement anytime.

While the agencies are doing their own work, if the allegation of acquiring benami property proved to be correct then it will be another set back for the Lalu Yadav... `

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