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Bihar Class XII Results 2017 and Toppers Scam

In the last 21 years, it seems whatever changes have been done is not enough for the best education system but in between many things have changed like Desktop replaced by laptop, palmtop and the election is being fought on the issue of development.
Today the states are competing with each other for the development of their states. But why talking 21 years?can you guess.

In 1996 the only 10% students have passed in the Class XII results, this had happened because of the examination were held in the monitoring of Patna High Court. There were many school and college where even number of passed student were zero.

The Bihar was again in the spotlight, the reason was the poor result of class XII. The only 35% students qualified in class 10+2 exam, leaving the remaining 65% students's future in the dark. Some of the students, who have selected for the IIT and JEE, also failed in the Class XII this year.

The approx 13 lakhs students had appeared for the Class XII examination this year which was held between the 14th February and 25th February, 2017.

When the shocking results came showing 64% students failure in examination, the sudden reaction started coming in support and in against from the government and the opposition parties.

The hue and cry started in media as the results got highlighted on all media platform. While the government seen in the support of the results saying the result showed the successful conduct of cheating-free examination. The education minister of the state Ashok Choudhary also hailed the results saying the exam has held in the cheating free environment so the passing percentage have fallen.

A large number of students gathered outside the Bihar Inter-Council to protest soon after the board declared the class XII results. They were blaming the government for the poor pass parcentage and also demanding for the re-evaluation of the answersheet.

On the otherhand the BJP blamed the education system of Nitish Kumar government for the poor pass percentage in the results. They also demanded the resignation of the Bihar chief minister on the moral ground.

The BSEB Chairman, Anand Kishore said that it is a historical result of the Class XII emamination. The pass percentage drastically fallen as we had put in place stringent process right from filling the exam forms till evalution.

According to him the board depended completely on the technology and have tried to plug any kind of loopholes. The Bar code of answer sheets has been used. The Kishore also said that the pass percentage has gone down because of stringent measures taken by the Bihar government to ensure a cheating free examination in view of the last year toppers scam last year.

The BSEB chairman said we have declared the list of toppers after the recommendation by a special committee which have reviewed the results of those who have been declared toppers.

Earlier the BSEB have also declared the prizes for the toppers, according to the board the toppers would get Rs.1 lakh in cash, an e-book reader and a laptop also.

Here are the topper's list :
Science Stream : Khushboo Kumari (86.2%), Simultala, Jammui
Arts Stream : Ganesh Kumar (82.6%), RNSJN Utkramit Madhya Vidyalaya, Samastipur
Commerce Stream : Priyanshu Jaiswal (81.6%), College of Commerce, Ars and Science, Patna

From declaring results to now everybody was talking about poor pass percentage and asking for the re-evaluation of answersheet and the political leaders were making statement in favour and against of government.

The real uproar started when the media question the one of topper's Ganesh Kumar who had scored 65 marks out of 70 in practical examinations of music. The Ganesh Kumar even did not give satisfactory answer of music related question asked by the media that further led to the toppers scam 2017.
After the media raised question over the capabilities Ganesh Kumar, the BSEB initiated Preliminary investigations and the board reveals that the Ganesh Kumar's real age is 42 but he has mentioned 24 years in the examination form. The board also reveals that he first appeared in the Class X examination and after that in the Class XII examination to reduce his real age. The further action the board cancelled his Class X as well as Class XII results.

The revelation by the board the once again the toppers scam came to know and the government finally accepted that there is topper scam and started further investigation and action.

The Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, who spoke for the first time after the results were declared, said that the Board has initiated the inquiry and the matter is being investigated by the officials. The Bihar CM Nitish Kumar also rejected charges of misgovernance, asked by the media, saying 'A few peoples are spoiling our image'.

This is true that It is the responsibility of the people to change their mindset so that the state and the country image will be know for its best performance not only in the field of education but in the all sector or field.

It is also true that due the media the scam is exposed but the media should also focused on the actual issue that leads to toppers scam and poor pass percentage. There is a lack of infrastructure and the poor education system in the state not only Bihar it is the problem of all parts of the country. The media should highlight these issue, so that the government can focused on those issue too.

There are nearly 600 schools in Bihar where not a single student, who had appeared for the board exam, passed in the Class XII 2017 examination according to initial investigation by Bihar government. The Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had indicated that teachers and education departments officials will be held accountable for the non-performance of such schools.

The education department has also been ordered to prepare an "action plan" to improve the infrastructure of the school in the state.

Lets people see that the school infrastructure will be improve or it only be a time being statement.

The only 35% students has pass the exam, as the some of the failed students have already passed the exam like IIT and JEE but they failed in the Class XII exam. This indicates that there may be error or fault in evaluation of the answersheet, the government should go for the re-evaluation of the claimed students.

The education system of not only Bihar but in whole country needs to be revamp and it is the responsibility of the government to focused on it. The political parties must not politicize the education.

Here everyone should remind that how the Class X toppers scam was exposed in the 2016. Last year's topper Ruby Rai, arts topper, who had drew national infamy when she pronounced political science as 'Prodigal Science' and described it as the subject related to 'Cooking'.

In the previous years too there was criticism not only for government but for the students too. It seems the neither the government nor the students have learnt from the previous year scam.

These kinds of wrongdoings is happens not only in Bihar, it may be in any parts of the country but when it happens in Bihar it get more than its share of the criticism.

The students like Ganesh Kumar succeeded in getting top position in the Class XII that demonstrate there are many loopholes in the Bihar education system that need to plug all loopholes, the Bihar government must work hard to plug all loopholes and it needs to take it as challenge by government so that the topper scam could not be repeated in the future...

Bihar Board Class X result, 20107 :
The Class 10th results 2017, that had been postponed twice due to the controversies in the Class XII results, declared on the 22th June, 2017. The overall pass percentage, according to the media report, is 50.12% which is the almost 3% higher than the last year. The last year pass percentage was 46.66%. In this year 14% students have passed with the 1st division,  27% students with 2nd divisions and remaining with third division.

Here are the Bihar Board 10th, 2017 topper :
1. Prem Kumar, Shree Govind High School, Lakhisarai - 465 marks out of 500.
2. Bhavya Kumari, Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya - 464 marks out of 500.
3. Harshita Kumari of Jamui - 452 marks out of 500.

According to the BSEB it will give prize to the topper, the first topper will get Rs.1lakh, second topper Rs.75,000, third topper Rs.50,000 along with the a laptop, an e-book and stationeries.

Here one thing must keep in minds that the pass percentage is very low, there is need to improve schooling system in the Bihar so that the pass percentage could increase...

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